Communication & Information Technology News Agency “CITNA”, is one of the first movers in the field of ICT Media in Iran since 2006. Publishing the latest news of the ICT field is our mission. CITNA’s vision is to remain the most influential media in ICT field as we are so far and be powerful consultant for interested foreign companies who wish to become a part of Iran’s Market.

Therefore, since our media’s structure is based on Information, Communication and Technology categories, we prepare, publish & cover all the related news, events, interviews, opinions, articles, product reviews, different viewpoints, and surveys in our website:

Currently Citna as a media consultant has an experienced consulting team that assist many private and government companies; by preparing the media contents for them by providing the below services:

  1. Introducing their Brands

  2. Introducing their offers, products & services to the public

  3. Giving them a chance to be seen in our website via advertisement banners with a direct link to their websites.

  4. Organizing press conference for new comers in Iran market and inviting the most important press (News agencies, newspapers, magazines and popular websites) in the planned events.

  5. Covering the related news of all related exhibitions in Iran & abroad.

  6. Preparing the product reviews by testing the provided products from the companies.

  7. Consulting & helping the interested foreign companies for entering in the best way to Iran Market. 

  8. Reflecting the prepared contents in other important media

  9. Doing survey for companies in order to help their Customer Relation Management division for their future plans.

Also we are always welcoming the newcomers and those who are interested to enter to Iran market.

We have to note that “CITNA” is one of the oldest news agency in the ICT field, we are the powerful ICT source for many other news agencies, newspapers, magazines & websites. They republish our contents in their own media.

For any information, enquires and questions you can reach us on the following:

Mobile: +989128216658

Email: Info [at], ERSHADIFAR [at]

Being up to date is our responsibility.

Editor in Chief
Mona Ershadifar